About Us

The South Australian Bocce Federation was incorporated in the year 1976. But it all began long before then, when a group of young men from the Fogolar Furlan Club got together and decided that they needed some recreational activity after a long hard working week.

It needed to become recreational and a social activity as it was for their fathers and grandfathers back in their own country of origin, (Italy for most of them).
Since its incorporation in 1976 the Federation has come a long way, its objectives then to expand, grow, promote and develop the Sport of Bocce are still the main aims and objectives of the federation and main purpose for its existence, to maintain the culture and their own traditions alive throughout the ages.

The Clubs that first took part of the Federation were Fogolar, Veneto, Molinara joined by the Alabarda Club in 1978. In 1980 by the Campania Club, Sicilia Club got in the act in 1990. In 1995 they were joined by the Istrian, Croatian & Slovenia Clubs and soon after by the McLaren Vale Bocce Club. In the early 2000 Mt Gambier got into the act.

Since our 25th Anniversary the SABF has continued to promote develop and assist Schools Corporate groups and demonstration at Government House for a fundraising event. Councils, especially at Carnevale in Adelaide Showground since 2008 where 250.000 people come through the gates. The Federation run sponsored and social competitions. Bocce is a growing sport in every aspect, even though commitment to structured competitions unfortunately has diminished.

Reluctantly Alabarda, Istria, Croatia & Molinara Clubs have left the Federation some due to closure of Clubs others due to Members getting older.
On the National and International scene Australian Bocce Volo is doing very well especially in the last 3 years. Raffa Championships have now joined in and. Raffa is popular in some states more than others especially in SA Mt Gambier, NSW & Victoria.

Bocce celebrated 40 years in 2016, with a little help from everyone it will continue for another 40 years.


SA Bocce Federation Constitution

Download the Constitution here.

The Committee

President: Mirella Mancini OAM
Secretary: Achille Piccirillo
Treasurer: Anna Piccirillo
Legal Advisor: Assunta Fuda
Board Member: Emma Luxardo – Public Relations Officer
Bocce Australia President – Frank Funari