On Sunday 9/07/17 The Adelaide Cemetery Authority Darren Leurdes Enfield Mausoleo 10th Anniversary Memorial Cup was held at the Sicilia Club.

A beautiful day was had by all 22 participants, the CEO Robert Pitt & Arun offered and joined us for lunch to commemorate the event. ACA also provided heating for which we thank them as it was a very cold day.

The winning teams of the mixed triples are: Luigino Bolzon, Carlo Meggetto and Gina Beltrame, second position Angelo Varricchio & Rocco Tropetti, 3rd position Rodolfo Mancini, Mirella Mancini & Frank Latte, 4th Maria Mazzocato, Vince Perrone & Judy Capriotti. Referee and organisers Treasurer Alec Ganeo & President Mirella Mancini OAM .

1st photo all winners. 2nd photo winning team in action. 3rd more action. 4th All the group and Sicilia Club Volunteers.

A big thank you to all at Sicilia Club.