Friday 12th – Sunday 14th of April saw 9 South Australian boys competing at the 2013 Junior Open at the Casa D’Abruzzo Club in Epping, Victoria. 2013 was the first year that the Bocce Federation of Australia had introduced an U14 division, which provided a lot of competition amongst South Australia and Victoria. Being the first year the U14s had participated, it was very impressive to see that 7 South Australian boys who have only been playing for 6 months were determined and focused on what they had to do; as well as the 4 Victorian boys who have only had a minimum of 5 training sessions. Their accuracy and skill over the course of the weekend showed they are dedicated to the sport and are enjoying their time.
With the 7 participants who competed in the U18/23 events, competition between the boys was fierce, as they have been playing against each other since the 2009 Junior Open.
Under 14                                                   Winners                                                Team
Singles                                             Alessandro Ricci                                                       SA
Doubles                                            V. Clemente & N. Barone                                         SA
Relay Bowl/ Throw                                                                                                           SA
Best & Fairest                                    Luciano Varricchio                                                     SA
Challenge Trophy (fours relay)            M. Tricarico, F. Janosa,
                                                       M. Sartorel & E. Nasuti-Leech (36/46)                       VIC
Challenge Trophy (doubles relay)        Antonio Ricci & Vincent Clemente (34/46)                  SA
Under 18 & Under 23                              Winners                                                      Team
Singles                                                Tristan Giacometti                                                 NSW
Doubles                                              D. Samsa & T. Giacometti                                        NSW
Bowl Throw                                         Tristan Giacometti                                                  NSW
Precision                                             Tristan Giacometti                                                  NSW
Singles Progressive                               Daniel Samsa (18/40)                                            NSW
Relay Progressive                                  N. Cooper & M. Moffatt (25/48)                              VIC
Best & Fairest                                        Tristan Giacometti                                                 NSW
Challenge Trophy (doubles relay)            D. Samsa & T. Giacometti                                       NSW