About Bocce


Bocce (“Bo-Che”) is played between two players on singles, (or the exciting throwing games developed in the 1980’s), or between teams of up to four players. The player aims to place the bowl (“ball”) as near as possible to the target (“jack”). In turn the opponent attempts to place their bown nearer to the jack, which may include displacing the opposition’s bowl. The bowl can be bowled along the ground or thrown through the air to displace the other bowl.


Bocce as a Sport

The Bocce Federation of Australia (BFA) is an active member of the world body, the “Federation International de Boules” (FIB), which is recognised by the “International Olympic Committee” (IOC). More information can be obtained by visiting the BFA Website. Australia fields strong teams in the major international tournaments such as World Juniors, World Games, World Seniors and World Womens Championship and always performs credibly. Also there are many Bocce Tournaments within Australia that are well attended.


How to Play

The game starts with two teams, or four players, tossing a coin. The winner of the toss bowls the jack into the 5 metre rectangle and plays the first bowl. The opposition then attempts to place their first bowl even closer to the jack. Throughout the game the bowl (ball) closest to the jack has the advantage (holds the point) and their opponents are committed to continue until they either gain the advantage (hold point) or have used all the bowls available to them. When both teams, (or all players) have played all their bowls the score is taken. The team with the bowl closest to the jack has the advantage scoring one point for each of its bowls nearer to the jack than the nearest opposition bowl. The game alternates end to end until a team wins by, normally, scoring 13 points.

Bocce Techniques