Combined Bowl Throw


  • The game is played one against one (with four bowls per player) or two against two (with three bowls per player)
  • Players of a team are obliged at one end to either bowl or throw all the bowls on hand
  • The first player to play delivers the jack for 2 consecutive ends, choosing whatever to throw or to bowl on the first end
  • This role is inverted in the second end and so on

Rules of the game- throwing the jack and tracing the circle

  • The jack is thrown by the same player (or same team) for two consecutive ends
  • If thrown twice irregularly, it is then placed by the opponent at a distance of not less than 70cm off the sides of the 5m rectangle
  • It remains in the same position throughout that particular end
  • If moved by a bowled delivery, it is replaced in its original position
  • The jack cannot be designated during the throw because the throwers opponent must remove it from its position
  • The circle is marked out
  • The player (or team) that has bowled the bowl in the fourth end will again bowl in the fifth end
  • The bowler must place the greatest number of bowls within the target made up of a circle of 0.70m radii
  • When the bowler has validly placed a bowl in the circle, the thrower must attempt to hit it by means of a regular throw
  • The bowler will resume only after his/ her bowl has been validly hit

Bowled delivery and scoring

  • The bowl is valid when it stops within the 0.70m radii circle
  • Hence, circumference of the bowl must be within the most outer edge of the circle
  • Bowl deemed invalid must be taken out of the court
  • Each valid bowl scored 1 point
  • 2 points if the bowl lands within the 5mm from the jack (this is also known as the biberon)

The throw and scoring

  • A player’s throw scores when the opponent’s bowl is regularly hit and shifts outside the circle
  • If a struck bowl remains within the circle, it is put back to original position
  • Each valid throw scores 1 point
  • 2 points if the thrown ball remains within the circle (complete swap)

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