Oz Bocce


  • 8 Bocce Bowls per set (unbiased)
  • 1 Jack (smaller target ball)

 Oz Bocce is played with an even number of players on each team as follows:

  • Singles (4 bowls per player)
  • Doubles (2 or 3 bowls per player)
  • Triples (2 bowls per player)
  • Quadruples (2 bowls per player)
  • Multiplayer (1 or 2 bowls per player)


  • The aim is to bowl or throw your bowl closest to the jack with the option of knocking out well placed opponent balls.
  • Bocce can be played on any flat/ sloping surface such as: carpet, grass, sand or anywhere.
  • A game is played with an even number of players on each team (as stated above)
  • Each team player has the same colour or line type pattern bowl/s and different to that of their opponent.


  • A game begins with one team delivering the jack from behind the foot line, decided by tossing a coin. The jack is bowled beyond the foot line at the opposite end of the court.
  • The team who throws the jack delivers the first bowl.
  • The team that does not hold the advantage delivers the subsequent bowl and so on.
  • When a team has finished their bowls, the opposition delivers the remainder of their bowls, if any.


  • The team with the closest bowl to the jack at the completion of the end scored 1 point.
  • And a further point for each of their bowl/s closer to the jack than any of the opponents bowls.
  • The game is played in ends and an accumulative score is tallied at the completion of each end.
  • First to 7, 11, 13 or 15 points wins.

Several useful tips in securing your points

  • Read the surface: before bowling or throwing your bowl always plan your approach by reading the surface and picking a landing spot (try to avoid soft sand or high grass areas).
  • The technique: for a high level of accuracy and control, hold your bowl with a normal firm grip and with the back of your hand pointing towards the target.
  • Use tactics: make the first decisions at the right time, bowl to place your ball closer to the jack or throw to knock out an opponents bowl.
  • Have fun: smash an opponents bowl out, play with friends, family or even colleagues.

Bocce Techniques