On Sunday 14th July the very first Chapel of the Holy family Funerals Cup was held at the Fogolar Furlan Club. On the day we had 20 participants who attended, the played doubles on 3 courts. The day was very eventful. Thank you to Anthony Farrugia who came along to watch the players and to learn a bit about the game. A big thank you to the Fogolar Furlan Club for a lovely BBQ lunch.
The winners on the day were:
1st: M.Ferraro, R.Maglieri and G.Sestito
2nd: R.Mancini, A.Ganeo and V.Kocic
3rd: R.Zollo, D.Fedele and G.Beltrame
4th: A.DeMarchi, M.Ciaramella and S.Schievenin