Letter from President                                                                                   3rd September, 2022

On Sunday the 28th August the South Australian Bocce Federation held their Annual General Meeting at Sicilia Social & Sport Club commencing at 3.30pm.  The following were elected:

  • President: Mirella Mancini OAM
  • Secretary: Achille Piccirillo
  • Treasurer: Anna Piccirillo
  • Councillor Andrew Earl  (from Mt Gambier)
  • Media Person: Emma Luxardo
  • Legal Adviser: Assunta Fuda


Club Representatives:

  • Campania Club: President John Di Fede
  • Croatian Club of Port Lincoln: TBA
  • Fogolar Furlan Club: President Marisa Baldassi
  • McLaren Vale Bocce: Chris Lewis
  • Gambier: President  Rocco Buetti
  • Sicilia Social & Sport Club: President Rita Palumbo
  • Slovenia Club: President Branko Pahor

In order for any member of your Club to take part at Nationals, Club & player need to be members of the South Australian Bocce Federation Inc.  Any previous SABF members that intend to take part at 2022-2023 Nationals need to pay one year’s arrears membership of $40 plus $100 total $140 per entrant.  Membership payments are now due together with arrears.

Fees are as follows:

  • Club Affiliation $100
  • Membership $40, (Individuals $35, Partnership $70 for Mt Gambier & Port Lincoln members only)
  • Youth U 14, U 18, & U 23 – $35
  • Individuals wishing to take part at Volo Nationals, Seniors $100, joint Partners $150,
  • Youth U14, U18, & U 23 $60
  • Social Membership with no voting rights $5.00 Membership
  • Registration fees for all Competitions Remain $5 p.p

Any member wishing to take part at State level qualifying rounds for the Youth U14, U18, & U 23, Senior Men & Women for Volo Nationals, must be prepared to pay for Accommodation, (Selected by host state). Airfares depending on fundraising the Federation will consider part payment, meals will be provided by the Federation, transport  to and from interstate from airport to Club & return, all other expenses to be paid by participants.

Federation is prepared to send 3 Juniors  U14, U18,  & U23 1 Coach

Seniors:  4 Men &  4 Women and 1 Coach

  • The Federation is prepare to pay for Airfares, Accommodation & meals for 1 Coach for Seniors & 1 for Juniors
  • All monies raised by fundraising will be put towards Nationals expenses to assist National Players that qualify & take part at Nationals.
  • The Federation will supply one top towards Volo Nationals (if needed), any other clothing or equipment is at member’s own expense. If members do not need a top an equivalent amount will be offered towards another item.
  • A gift to players will be given to all who attended Nationals on Presentation Dinner that will be held after Nationals, Venue & date to be advised.
  • Sponsors will present trophies to members for all Sponsored Competitions won during the year at Presentation Dinner night, Venue & date TBA
  • Furthermore should any member come 1st or 2nd at Volo Nationals, they will be rewarded yet again by the Federation with another gift on Presentation night.

Competition Dates, training nights, list will be forwarded under separate cover to Clubs and individuals who have emails for Volo Nationals, the others will receive it by post, depends how soon members register their interest to attend. The results will determine who will be sent to the Juniors & Senior Nationals.  All competitions for the year and venues are subject to necessary changes.

  • The format to play for the Youth, will be Single, Double, Precision, Rapid & Double Rapid

Selection process will be incorporated into training nights, all players must train for all disciplines.  Number of rounds will be determined by how many players register to compete.

  • The format of play for the seniors will be Single & Double round robin for Men & Women, again subject to how many register. Bocce Australia select Disciplines to be played, hence members who wish to attend will need to train In all disciplines. Friday nights or Sunday to be decided by registered members.
  • Once chosen for the Team it is essential to attend training sessions as stipulated by the SABF. If this is not adheared to, the SABF reserves the right to choose another player for the team by replacing one that does not comply with requirements.

Minutes of previous year’s AGM are available to all last year’s financial members who did not attend meeting, as well as all other reports that will be sent by request only.

Looking forward to a log association with yourselves and all members of the Club

Always in Bocce,

Mirella Mancini OAM

South Australian Bocce Federation Inc
E: mirelm@tpg.com.au
W: boccesa.com.au
F:  @southaustralianboccefederation